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From Seed to Table

Nowadays seems everybody is talking about, and eating, 'farm to table'.
But before something grows on the farm, it has to start with a seed.

When it comes to all things Snap Pea, that seed starts with Dr. Calvin Lamborn, known as the father of the Snap Pea.
As a young breeder, with a PHD in plant virology and a keen curiosity that led him to cross a rogue garden pea with a snow pea - Calvin Lamborn created the seed for what we now know and love as the Snap Pea.

Since then, Calvin's Peas have earned prestigious honors and awards in the trade as well as acclaim from top chefs in the country.

Calvin's techniques are traditional (non-GMO) plant breeding. And seeds like his are the sparks that have ignited the farmers market and farm to table restaurant movements.

People want to put more than food on the table. At home and in restaurants, today's food enthusiasts are serving edible stories. They want to know about their food, where it comes from, how it's grown, what it offers nutritionally, and to the palate. They're cooking with an ever-changing variety of seasonal produce in new and creative ways.

Calvin's peas are colorful, delicious and nutritious characters in the narrative of our modern culinary experience.

Our network of farm to table growers are able to test market new varieties much more quickly than larger, commercial growers. This allows us to continually innovate and improve our varieties.

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