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Royal Snow Pea
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    Royal Snow Pea

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    On the farm
    These richly colored snow peas are mostly a deep purple with the occasional green pod. Best harvested while young, they bend and curl, giving each pod a unique fingerprint.

    On the table
    Debuting at famous restaurants, the Royal makes a stunning appearance, especially when balanced with the green pods.


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    More Info

    Peas are a cool weather crop and is best planted early spring or late summer for fall peas.

 The Royal Snow is a full season snow pea that produces a variety of purple and variegated purple / green pods. This variety has sharpest flavor of all our specialty peas.

 Harvesting the whole plant is something to consider as chefs have made pea stock, pea syrup, pea flavored ice cream and salads from the branches and leaves of our varieties. Peas are most vibrant in the juvenile stage when seeds are beginning to fill out the pod.

 Micro Greens - 12-16 days for maturity - 2”- 4” growth
 Snap - Greens - 16-30 days for maturity - 4”- 8” growth
 First Bloom – 17th node
 Pods – This is a full season snow pea – over mature pods distort and the color dulls.

    This snow pea is available through us or through Johnny Selected Seeds.